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Wye Island Regatta added to our Paddle Race Calendar

22nd Annual Wye Island Regatta, Wye Island, MD takes place on September 13. This Annual race put on by the Annapolis Rowing Club is open to any and all man-powered vessels – kayaks, canoes, skiffs, SUPs, dragon boats – if you can paddle it, you can enter it.

Click here to check out the venue and registration for the Wye Island Regatta!

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Stand Up Paddleboard Races added for Melbourne, FL

Check out our Races & Events page for more information on new SUP races added. Some fun and challenging events coming up in September and throughout the fall. Click here to go to our Paddle Races & Events page. Use the search tool to find events in your area or anywhere around the country!

Here are two of the latest additions:



Both are happening in Melbourne, FL this fall!

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Kayak, Canoe and SUP News from Around the Country

Detroit Youth Kayak Group launches with a Trip on the Detroit River

A group of youngsters participated in a short, 20 min canoe trip on the Detroit river in the culmination of a youth program that teaches kids water safety, as well as an appreciation for nature — and helped mark the launch of the Detroit Youth Kayak Group and the completion of the Detroit Heritage River Water Trail map update. Click here to read more!

Heroes On The Water Introduces Injured Veterans to the World of Kayak Fishing

This nonprofit group relies on volunteers as well as donations in its mission to help injured military personnel to relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate into society through kayak fishing and the outdoors. Click here to read more!

Grandmother Kayaks from Maine to Guatemala to Raise Money for Poverty

Deborah Walters, 63, embarked last month from Yarmouth, ME on a 2,500-mile voyage. Her goal is raise $150,000 to combat devastating poverty in the capital of Guatemala. She expects to arrive there next May. Click here to read more!

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What Is A Dragon Boat Race?

Dragon Boat RacingDragon Boat racing has surged in popularity in the U.S. in recent years. They are fun and spectacular events and many major cities host dragon boat races each year.

Here is some background on the sport, just for your information. Please check out our races and events calendar to find upcoming dragon boat races, or click here to have us post your dragon boat race.

According to Wikipedia, “a dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft. They were traditionally made in the Pearl River Delta region of China’s southern Guangdong Province out of teak wood (mostly imported from Pontianak, Indonesia) to various designs and sizes. It is one of a family of traditional paddled long boats found throughout Asia, Africa, and the Pacific islands. Currently, boats are being made for competitive purposes out of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials.

Dragon boats are the basis of the team paddling sport of dragon boat racing, a watersport which has its roots in an ancient folk ritual of contending villagers, which has been held for over 2000 years throughout southern China. While competition has taken place annually for more than 20 centuries as part of religious ceremonies and folk customs, dragon boat racing has emerged in modern times as an international sport, beginning in Hong Kong in 1976. But the history of dragon boats in competition reaches as far back as the same era as the original games of Olympia in ancient Greece. Both dragon boat racing and the ancient Olympiad included aspects of religious observances and community celebrations along with competition.

For competition events, dragon boats are generally rigged with decorative Chinese dragon heads and tails. At other times (such as during training), decorative regalia is usually removed, although the drum often remains aboard for drummers to practice.”

In Dragon boat racing, every paddler counts. It is truly a team sport where synergy and teamwork determine the race outcome.Teams are formed by friends, families, companies, clubs, you name it. Races are encompassed in full day festivals featuring drumming, food, and fun.

If you’ve never seen a dragon boat race, find one in your area to attend. Catch the dragon boat fever, and you may find yourself with paddle in hand!

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Harpeth River, Nashville TN – Harpeth River Watershed Association Newsletter

Harpeth River Watershed Association NewsletterIf you’re in the Nashville area and have not heard of the Harpeth River Watershed Association, take a look at the attached summer newsletter. The HRWA is a fantastic organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of this great Nashville Tennessee landmark waterway. The newsletter is free to subscribers and this edition includes the latest Harpeth River Blueway map – complete with put – in locations!

Click here to get the HRWA Summer Newsletter 2014.


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